Facebook Launches Study App

Amid rising contagion of Coronavirus, different countries have implemented a lockdown system, due to which people are using Facebook at home a lot. Apart from this, most people are also using Facebook’s live feature very well. Looking at all these data, Facebook is now thinking about adding more features to the live feature.

According to company officials, Facebook is soon going to add many more features to the Facebook live feature. As such, soon, users will be able to access Facebook live videos without a Facebook account. Apart from this, the audio-only option is also coming soon on Facebook Live, which non-Facebook users will also be able to hear. Facebook will provide a toll-free number to the user through which this will be possible.

Apart from this, Facebook Live will soon feature stars. Facebook users will be able to purchase stars and send them to their favourite creators and publishers. Through this feature, creators and publishers will also be able to earn through Facebook Live.

At the moment, it is not known when Facebook will launch these features. However, if we agree with the experts, Facebook can launch these features after the lockdown opens.

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