Windows 10 March 2020 Update Brings Internet Connectivity Issues
Windows 10 March 2020 Update Brings Internet Connectivity Issues

Microsoft has rolled out the March 2020 update for Windows 10. While many of you out there quite excited to install the new update, We suggest you not do the same this time. Reports are coming that the Windows 10 brand new cumulative update comes with network connectivity issues and also lead other apps not to access the Internet. Hence, we suggest you not update you Windows 10 OS if you are using Windows 10 May 2019 update or November 2019 Update.

The brand new optional cumulative update KB4535996 (as said by Microsoft) that rolled out in February provokes the network connectivity bug and leads specific applications likes Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Edge Browser from accessing the Internet.

Technically, Softwares using WinHTTP or Winlnet are facing the network connectivity issue. A majority of users facing the issue are using VPN, and the problem arises when they either connect or disconnect to the VPN.

Microsoft says Devices using a manual or auto-configured proxy, especially with VPN shows no internet or limited Internet in the Network Connectivity Status Indicator present in the Notification Area.

Officials from Microsoft say they are working on releasing a fix for the same bug, and it may release in early April. Also, they said the same problem might be fixed when rebooting the machine, but they are not 100 percent sure about it.

On other days, We may not treat this problem a major one. However, for now, while the whole world is working from home and Internet connectivity is a necessary thing, we treat it as a significant problem. Let see when Microsoft releases a fix for that.

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