Apple Launches COVID 19 Screening Tool
Apple Launches COVID 19 Screening Tool

Given the increasing contamination of Coronavirus in the whole world, the US multinational technology company Apple has launched a screening tool for COVID 19. Users can access this screening tool through the website and app. Apple has created this screening tool in collaboration with CDC, and through this tool, a user can access reliable information and guidance related to COVID-19.

Users can access this tool through Apple’s website and a dedicated app which is present on the app store. Through this tool, a user can guess whether he is corona positive or not and whether he should get tested for corona infection or not.

This tool, created by Apple to test the Coronavirus, asks the user some questions and encourages the user to take necessary actions keeping in mind the answers given by the user. In the necessary action, it encourages the user to undergo social distancing, self-isolation, or to take a test.

Apple says that it does not store the answers given by the user on its website and app nor send it to Apple or any government entity.

For those who do not know let us tell you that North California based Apple Headquarter is under lockdown since last week due to COVID-19 outbreak in the state. While writing this article, more than 1 lakh people have been infected with Corona in America, while talking about India, this figure is going to cross 900.

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