Google Duo Supports 12 People to Video Chat Simultaneously

Now 12 people can video chat simultaneously on Google Duo. Back in 2016, When Google Duo was launched, Video Calling feature was not present in it. Last year, the app brings the Video Calling feature, but then only 4 people could video chat together in it. After a few months, the app supports 8 people to video chat together.

Now, Yesterday, Google’s Senior Director of Product and Design, Sanaj Ahari, informed from his official Twitter handle that Google Duo supports upto 12 people to video chat simultaneously.

It is a server-side update, so there is no need to update the app to have this new feature. To use it, All you have to do is open your app and swipe up to create a group. You can then start video chat by adding 11 people to the same group.

By the way, if you look closely at Sanaj’s tweet, She has also written #COVID19, which can also be mean that Google has added this feature given the increasing transition of Corona all over the world. Hence, for now, we can’t say whether this feature is permanent or has added temporarily.

By the way, even now, Google Duo sports 12 people to Video Chat simultaneously, it is behind Apple’s Facetime, Skype and Messenger. In Apple Facetime, 32 people can video chat simultaneously; however, in Skype and Messenger, 50 people can video chat simultaneously. By the way, G Suite allows 250 people to video chat simultaneously in Google Hangout.

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