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It seems like Meta is in full mood to popularize Instagram Reels on its other channels as the social media giant has now enabled users to cross-post Instagram reels on Facebook.

Similar to stories and posts, users can now cross-post Instagram reels as well on Facebook.

In order to crosspost Instagram reels on Facebook users must link their Facebook account to their Instagram account. They can do so by visiting Settings > Linked Accounts > Facebook > Share to > Choose a Page.

You might be thinking, Why Instagram has enabled this feature?

Well, first to popularize the reel feature that might help Meta to outrank TikTok which has recently surpassed Google, Twitter, Meta, and Apple to become the most popular website in the world. The second is to increase the video reach so that users creating Reel get the advantage.

Instagram informed the users about this new feature by sharing a clip on Facebook. Later on, the Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri also shared about the same on his official Twitter handle.

“Add Yours” Sticker on Reels

Now, besides letting users to crosspost Instagram Reels on Facebook, the social media platform has now also enabled users to insert “Add Yours” stickers on reels. The Add Yours sticker which was so far available to add only in stories helps to increase the engagement of the story as it let someone else to create a chain with your story by creating an entirely new story. Users can now add the same sticker to their reels as well. That means, if someone interacts with the Add Yours stickers on your reels, they will use your reel in their account which in turn will improve the engagement on your story.

Users Can Now See Their Facebook Reels Insights

So far, if you post reels on Facebook, there isn’t any way to track the insights of your FB Reel but now you can.

With FB Reels insights, you can now watch the average watch time, total view time, reach, etc of your reels posted on Facebook.

Also, to let more content creators earn from the reel, Facebook has made the Stars feature available to all eligible creators. For each star a reel receives, the creator will earn $0.01 which is equal to Rs 0.80. A creator can check the total received star count in Creator Studio > Star Stats.

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