Blinkit Printout Delivery

Zomato-owned Indian grocery delivery service Blinkit is launching a new service that delivers printouts to your Doorstep in a few minutes.

The service will soon be launched and people can utilize it right from the official Blinkit app.

Once the service will be launched, people just have to upload the document in the app and the printout of the respective doc will be delivered to their doorstep in minutes.

Blinkit assured that documents uploaded to their server will be deleted once the printout will be delivered to the respective users.

Initially, the app supports printing the documents available in file formats – JPEG, JPG, PNG, and PDF. However, as soon as the service becomes popular more file formats will be supported.

Also, initially, Blinkit will provide the printout in A4 size paper only, however, will support different paper sizes later on.

Below are the specifications of printout options going to be available:

  1. Black and White, Color
  2. Single-Sided, Double Sided
  3. Paper Thickness – 70 GSM

Users can upload files of sizes up to 10MB in the app for printing.

Now, talking about the price, the cost to order one black and white page printout from Blinkit would be Rs. 9 whereas for a color page it will be Rs 19.

Also, there is no minimum order, which means, you can order as many pages as you can or can order merely one page too.

So, are you looking forward to availing of this service from Blinkit? What is your opinion about the same? Feel free to let us know the same in the comments down below.

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