Create Your Own Microsite in Seconds using
Create Your Own Microsite in Seconds using

Now you can Create Your Own Microsite in Seconds using The era of serverless computing has begun. Yes, You heard it right, I’m talking about Server-less Computing. Well, Here Server-less computing points to a website where you can host your content right into your browser without the need of a server space.

How to Create Your Own Microsite in Seconds using

The idea which is implemented by a former employee of Google and the current vice president of Dropbox i.e. Nicholas Jitkoff.

He basically compresses the HTML content into the URL itself by using an algorithm called the Lempel-Ziv-Markov chain algorithm and base-64 encoding.

By this service, you can create your own a microsite up to a maximum size of 2KB.
However, when you complete creating your site you can easily see all your written content on the URL of the site itself.

To access the site you just need to visit the URL and start writing your content using the Valid HTML format.

You can even host the site on your own domain name by just redirecting your domain URL to the specific URL’S.

However, if you want to share any link of an it might be very long to grab a post space in twitter etc.

But that’s not a problem anymore because you can easily short it your various URL shortener sites present on the web.

What makes this site cool is the content encryption technique.

Suppose you want to send a long message to a person using then a person can only read the message when he/she has the URL to this site.

I Just try to mark out the point here, since the site URL uses encryption, Google or any other search engine won’t index it.

That’s it for now for the In further when I explore some further features then I will definitely vapor you guys.

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