Amazon Prime Day Starts from 16 July 2018
Amazon Prime Day Starts from 16 July 2018

This Year Amazon Prime Day starts from 16 July 2018. Those people who do not know about Amazon Prime Day, let me tell you in brief that Amazon Prime Day is an annual program that Amazon organizes online. Through this program, Amazon offers some discounts or deals to its customers on almost all of its products. You can understand Amazon Prime Day as a Black Friday Deal.

Amazon Prime Day Starts from 16 July 2018

The Amazon Prime Day of 2018 will begin on July 16 and after completion of the entire 36 hours, it will end on July 17.

Amazon Prime Day will be available in 17 countries, which includes India also. However, Last year, Amazon Prime Day was not available in Australia, Singapore, Netherlands, and Luxembourg, but this year it is.

This year, Amazon Prime Day has also come with a discount on Whole Food items. Moreover, Visa Card Members will get a discount of 10% on purchases of whole food items up to $400.

Although Amazon Prime Day starts July 16, 2018, Amazon will bring some deals to its customers every day until July 16, 2018.

Below we list out some of the main deals that you can receive on Amazon Today.

Today Amazon is giving 50% discount on Prime Video, DVD and BluRays.

You can get Unlimited Amazon Music for 4 months at just $0.99 i.e. 67.93 Indian Rupee.

Similarly, unlimited Kindle subscription for 3 months is also available for $ 0.99.

Many such deals are present on Amazon today, but we have sorted out some of them. From now until July 16, 2018, Amazon will come up with some new deals every day.

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