Google Drive for Android Supports Microsoft Office Password Protected Files

Now Google Drive for Android Supports Microsoft Office Password Protected Files. Recently Google Drive has released a minor update. In this update, developers have added a feature along with bug fixes. With this feature, you will now be able to open Microsoft Office password protected files in Google Drive.

Most people are using Microsoft Office in the world. There are some people who protect their data to password protect Microsoft Office files. However, there are very few offline applications in which the user can read these password-protected files by opening it. On the other hand, most users use Google Drive to transfer files. Google Drive has incorporated this new feature so no need to switch the app to open such password protected files.

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So next time you have a Microsoft Office Password Protected file, you will be able to easily open it in Google Drive. However, this feature is only for Android users now. Please inform us in the comment section below if you find this feature on any platform other than Android.

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