7 Interesting Facts About Jio Giga Fiber Broadband Service
7 Interesting Facts About Jio Giga Fiber Broadband Service

In this article, we present you the 7 Interesting Facts About Jio Giga Fiber Broadband Service. Reliance has launched a number of products in its 41st Annual General Meetings. Reliance Jio Giga Fiber Broadband Service is one of the many products in the discussion. Moreover, The company’s chairman Mukesh Ambani himself has announced this new service. So let us give you 7 Interesting Facts About Jio Giga Fiber Broadband Service.

List of 7 Interesting Facts About Jio Giga Fiber Broadband Service

1. Jio Giga Fiber Trials

Jio Giga fiber broadband service has not come suddenly, but in the past few months already, the company provides the trial in some cities. The company said that the trial period has now completely ended and we have also tested our product thoroughly.

2. How to register for Jio Giga Fiber?

Common users can use the Jio Giga Fiber Broadband service, from August 15, 2018. However, a user can register for the service from Jio official website i.e. jio.com. Users register for Jio Giga fiber via MyJio App also.

3. Jio Giga Fiber Broadband Service Availability

The company says that the city where the highest registration will be made, Jio Fiber Broadband facility will be provided first to that city. However, Mukesh Ambani points out this in the Annual General Meeting.

4. Jio Giga Router

Jio Giga fiber broadband facility will be available through the Jio Giga router provided by the company.

5. Jio Giga TV

The company gives the user the option of taking Jio Giga TV along with Jio Giga Fiber Broadband. Let you know that Jio Giga TV is a television set-top box.

6. TV Calling Facility

The most important thing about Jio Giga TV is it supports TV Calling Facility. Through this one can easily take the conference and online meeting. Moreover, common users can use it like a normal video calling app in their normal life. In Jio Giga TV, the user will get a remote which supports voice command.

7. Installation Charge

In the same meeting, Mukesh Ambani said that no one will charge for installation of Jio Giga fiber. Additionally, This means the installation will be free of charge.

There is no disclosure on the part by the company that How many channels does Jio Giga TV contains? Apart from this, what are the plans of Jio Giga Fiber Broadband Service? Additionally, We estimate that the company will disclose all these things on August 15, 2018.

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