Control Phone Settings with Your Phone App for Windows 10
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In its Build 2018 event, when Microsoft presented the Your Phone App, the main theme of the app was to connect the Windows 10 PC with the Android and iOS devices so as to perform certain task of the phone, for example, send messages, place phone call and more from the Windows 10 PC.

However as time flows the app upgraded itself and brought some more advanced features like accessing the 2000 most recent photos from the phone’s gallery, transfer files and images in between the PC and Phone with simple drag and drop option and more.

Last year, the Your Phone App for PC added the feature to open any Android Apps installed in a user’s phone in Windows 10 PC. Users can even pin their favourite Android apps in the start menu and taskbar of their PC and can open android apps side by side in their PC.

Now control some select phone’s settings using Your Phone App for Windows 10

Now, a report is saying that the Your Phone app for Windows 10 will soon let the user access some of the phone’s settings. For example, Volume ON/OFF, Bluetooth ON/OFF, Audio Player ON/OFF, Do not disturb ON/OFF. These features in Your Phone App for Windows 10 PC are called Device Indicators and are said to be rolling out in at least the app version v1.21012.195.0.

That means users will soon be able to control the volume, bluetooth, audio player and do not disturb settings of their phone using the Your Phone App for Windows 10 PC.

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