Nearby Share Feature starts rolling out to Android 6 and later

Have you ever encountered a situation when you want to share an app that you have downloaded and installed from Google Play Store and like to share it to your friend without Internet connection.

Well if that’s so, then let me tell you about a feature Google has been working on for quite a long time. I’m talking about Nearby Share that was rolled out since last August for Android 6+ devices. Google has now integrated the same feature in it’s app marketplace called Google Play Store. From Google Playstore, users can now share their installed apps packages with other devices without internet connection.

User on the other side receiving the app package can simply install it but in some case to upgrade the version of any app requires an active Internet connection.

Also, While the new feature allows Google Play Store to share apps installed in the device to another device, one can’t use this feature to share any premium or sideloaded app.

Let’s take a look at How to use this feature.

How to Nearby Share Google Playstore Apps with other devices?

Nearby Share Google Playstore Apps | Credits: 9to5Google

First and the foremost, let me tell you that the below method works only if you have installed Google Play Store version 24.0 in your device.

Once you fulfill the above criteria then, open Google Play Store app, tap on the the hamburger menu present at the top left corner and then tap on My Apps and Games tab.

Now, In the navigational menu, tap on the Share tab and then tap on send or receive button accordingly. For example, Suppose you are sending any app then tap on the send button, then tap on continue and then select the apps you want to send.

See the screenshot attached above to have more insight of what I’m saying.

So, this is how one can send the installed apps from one device to another using Google Playstore. This is the first time Google has rolled out its nearby share feature in one its own made app. It is interesting to see now when will Google brought this feature to more of its apps.

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