Twitter voice messages in Direct Messages

That day is now not far when audio will be the most preferred way of communication on Social Media websites like Twitter and Facebook as most of them are now focusing on audio communication. Seems like Clubhouse is responsible for creating this chain as last week we saw Facebook asking it’s employee to create a Clubhouse alternative.

Also while Twitter already has Voice Tweets on the Platform since last June, it is now rolling out Voice Messages in DM that is tested since last September.

The Managing Director of Twitter India, Manish Maheswari has reportedly said that Twitter is testing voice messages in Direct Messages (DMs)

How Voice Messages in Twitter’s Direct Messages (DMs) work?

Each of these voice messages could be upto 140 seconds long. In Android, users can simply tap on the Mic Icon (in an existing or new conversation) in the Direct Messages to record their voice message and then tap the icon again to stop the recording. Users can then listen to the same recording to check if everything is fine or not, if everything is fine then the user can send the recording otherwise also have an option to delete it.

In iOS, users can tap and hold the mic icon to record the voice messages and then swipe up and release the icon to send the voice messages.

For now, Twitter is rolling out Voice Messages in DMs for its users in Brazil, India, and Japan only.

Now, although Twitter is rolling out Voice Messages in DMs for Android and iOS platforms, they can be listened to on Web Browser too.

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