Chrome 80 Deep Linking

World’s most popular browser Google Chrome has silently introduced a cool new feature in the latest stable build called Chrome 80 of the browser. In layman terms we call this feature Deep Linking but technically it is called ScrollToTextFragment.

Those of you who have some experience of Android Studio must familiar with the name. Those of you who don’t, Deep Links are actually hyperlinks that links to a specific piece of content (say a word, paragraph, header) on a web page. Also, when someone click on a deeplink it navigate to the specific position automatically by scrolling.

If you have the latest Chrome installed on your OS, below we have demonstrated How Deep Link works in action? To update your Chrome browser to the latest stable build called Chrome 80, open menu and then go to Help > About Google Chrome. The browser then updates automatically to the latest build.

Deeplinking in action in Chrome 80

Below I have created a deeplink on which if you click it will navigate you to a specific word on a specific post of our site.

The above link navigate you automatically by scrolling you to the word Media Hub in one of our post called Google Chrome Adds Music and Videos Controller in Chrome Toolbar.

Here we have created a deep link merely for two words but you can also create it for paragraphs, headers and more.

Syntax to Create Deeplink that work in Chrome 80

The syntax to create deep link is to first enter the URL of the webpage for which you want to create a deep link. Then, add the below code in front of the same URL by feeding the actual parameter.


In the above code, you have to replace the WORD with the actual word for which you want to create deep link. For example, In my case I created deep link for Media Hub, hence, I replaced WORD with Media%20Hub. Here, %20 represent the space character. Meaning if you have a combination of word for which you want to create deep link then in space between the word you have to place %20 in the above syntax appropiately.

So, the whole syntax to create a deeplink that works in Chrome 80 is mentioned below.


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