Chrome Dino Run 3D Game

Back in 2014, Chrome’s UX designer, Edward Zung made an offline game and integrate it in the Chrome Browser to kill time when Internet goes down. Yes, I am talking about Chrome’s popular dino run game, which we all must have played at least once.

There were two motives behind making this game. The first is to maintain a browser engagement and the second is people should not get bored even after internet goes down. If you have played this game you know that in this game you only have to use the space button. So if the internet comes back while playing the game, as if you are pressing the space button in the game, then the webpage that you were browsing before internet shutdown automatically opens.

Edward Zung created the game in 2D, but now 6 years later, a Russian developer Abraham Tugalov has introduced the game in 3D to the public. You can play the 3D version of this game by going to any one of the 2 links given below. The only difference between the two links is, In the second link the game runs on low settings.

In the links, you can clearly see that the developer has hosted this game on GitHub, while all the files related to the game have been kept on GitHub, which you can access by visiting this link.

This game can also be played like an original game, however some new controls have been included in this game. Like in the original game you can only jump through the space button, but in this game you can jump through the space, arrow up and W buttons.

Apart from this, background sound is not given while playing the original game, but this game contains the background sound. To play the original Dino Run, there is no need of Internet connection, but as 3D Dino Run depends on some external dependencies outside the browser, so we need internet connection to play this game.

Do give this game a check and let us know whether you find it tasty or not?

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