Google Docs Web Launches Autocorrect Feature
Google Docs Web Launches Autocorrect Feature

Last year Google launched a feature in Gmail with the help of which users could autocorrect spelling or grammar mistakes while composing or typing mail in Gmail. Now Google has launched the exact same feature in Google Docs web as well. Yesterday, Google shared this information with people through a blog post.

The Autocorrect feature actually uses Artificial Intelligence to detect spelling or grammar mistakes. This feature leaves some spelling mistakes for the user to improvise on his own, while for more common mistakes the feature corrects them automatically.

With the help of Autocorrect feature, the speed of composing the document of the user will increase, while he can type more confidently and save the document as quickly as possible. As soon as a misspelled word appears in the document, the autocorrect feature corrects it automatically and then underlines it with a grey dashed line. However, this underline also disappears automatically as soon as the user starts typing further.

Apart from this, if the user feels that the autocorrect feature has suggested the wrong word, then the user can also undo the corrected word. There are many options to undo such as undoing by hovering over Word or through backspace or through keyboard shortcuts such as Command + Z.

By the way, this feature will be turned on by default for all the users, but if someone wants to turn it off, then they can do so by clicking Tools > Preferences > Automatically Correct Spelling.

Google has rolled out this feature tomorrow but it will take about 1 month for all users to get this feature. So what do you think about this feature below? Please tell us in the comment section.

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