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In India, one can easily purchase a SIM card by giving an Aadhaar number as Proof of Identity and Proof of Address.

The process is so simple that many people became prey to its exploitation.

For example, you may have heard of cases where someone registered a SIM card against another’s Aadhaar number.

Well, that happens generally when someone stole the xerox copy of another’s Aadhaar and then registered a fake SIM card against it.

The registration of fake SIM cards promotes crime which in turn challenges the security of our country.

To fight with the same, I mean slowing the growth of fake SIM cards to some extent, the Department of Telecom (DOT) has launched a portal called TAFCOP that stands for Telecom Analytics for Fraud Management and Consumer Protection.

Here is how the portal will stop the growth of fake SIM cards.

How to find how many SIMs registered on your Aadhaar Number?

TAFCOP is a website that helps subscribers to check the list of mobile numbers registered against their Aadhaar numbers.

Once you open the website, it asks to feed the Mobile Number. Make sure to feed the same Mobile Number that you give while registering to get your Aadhaar card.

Once you feed the mobile number, tap or click on the Request OTP button to get an OTP on your mobile number.

Next, feed the OTP as asked in the portal to list all the Mobile Numbers registered against your Aadhaar Number.

If you find any suspicious mobile number in the list, for example, a number you may not have registered yourself, then the portal also gives you the option to block and report it.

As per the existing telecom guidelines in India, one can register up to 9 mobile numbers against an Aadhaar Card.

The TAFCOP portal will soon send SMS to those users who have more than 9 mobile numbers registered against their Aadhaar Card.

The portal is slowly rolling out its services in India and currently, it is giving its services in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh only.

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