Instagram Fact Checking Program goes global

Starting August 30, 2021, Instagram is removing the Swipe Up gesture to open links.

Right now, one can post a swipe-up link in the Instagram story if they have more than 10K followers.

But, now, reports are coming that Instagram is removing the swipe-up gesture to open the links in stories.

In place of a swipe-up gesture, the app is bringing a link sticker.

Tapping on the link sticker will open the attached link.

Since June this year, Instagram has been testing this feature with few users.

Now, after testing it for more than two months, the feature has been finalized to roll out starting August 30, 2021.

The feature has recently been spotted by one of the famous social media apps reverse engineers – Jane Manchun Wong and a YouTuber named – Sam Sheffer. Both of them share their experience about this upcoming feature on Twitter.

Few users try to enable this feature right now from the app’s developer settings but are not able to succeed. The reason might be the feature is server or account-based.

So, we aren’t a hundred percent sure for now, how this new feature is going to roll out. That also means, in which country it is going to roll out first.

We also don’t know whether the link sticker will be rolled out for all the users or only for the accounts having at least 10K followers.

That’s all we know so far about it. Do let me know your awesome comments in the comment box down below.

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