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The concept of Cloud Gaming was introduced in the late 2000s but due to the low-speed Internet connection, the service was not ready to run back then. Cloud Gaming requires a high-speed Internet connection.

Now, with the advancement in Internet Speed, companies have made cloud gaming services publicly available. Take the recently introduced Google Stadia as an example.

Besides Google Stadia, Microsoft, Amazon, Sony, Nvidia, and others, all now have their cloud gaming service.

What is Cloud Gaming Service?

Cloud Gaming helps us to play video games without downloading and installing the game setup files on our devices.

The service installs all the game setup files on its servers.

To play the game, the user only needs a high-speed Internet connection.

Looking at all the existing cloud gaming services, on average 20 Mbps is the minimum Internet speed requirement.

You can think of cloud gaming as the Netflix of Games, where to play the game you don’t require to download and install it on your device.

Netflix is entering into the Cloud Gaming Market

Netflix that started streaming Movies and TV Shows via the Internet in 2007 is now entering into the Cloud Gaming Service.

In these 13 years, Netflix became the pioneer in streaming large files over the Internet.

Looking at all these, the company decides to step into the Cloud Gaming Service.

Via its official Twitter Handle from Poland, the company informed us to enter into the Game Service by testing two games inside its Android App for some users in Poland.

Select users in Poland can now play Stranger Things 1984 and Stranger Things 3 right from their Netflix app. Although they need to visit the Google Play Store to install the game, they can play it within their Netflix app.

Earlier, both of these games were present in the Google Play Store but now they are exclusively available to Netflix subscribers only.

In addition to the Netflix app, You can play the game with its separate app but have to verify your Netflix subscription by entering your Netflix credentials.

The company has assured no extra fee will be taken from the user for its gaming service. Also, the service doesn’t contain any advertisements or in-app purchases yet. However, with the gaming service, Netflix’s subscription price might increase in the future.

Also, for now, we don’t know when other parts of the world will enjoy this service. Netflix gaming service is launched first in Poland because comparatively, they have an active gaming audience. 

Once asked to comment about the game, the Netflix spokesperson said, the service is in the very early stages and we will see its much better version in the coming days.

Netflix appoints Mike Verdu as its Vice President for Game Development

In order to start the Netflix Gaming Service, the company recently hired Mike Verdu, the former Vice President of Facebook AR/VR Content, and before that Senior Vice President of Electronic Arts Mobile.

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