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In a bid to make India more dependable on Internet, BSNL has launched its IPTV Services in three select cities of its Kerala Circle i.e. Ernakulam, Alappuzha, and Thrissur. However, right now, the service has been given as a trial from August 27 to October 31. Once the trial completes happily, the service may will launch to more circles.

Those of you who are new to IPTV, let me tell you that it is a technology where Internet is used to deliver TV programs and Videos. The IPTV connection is generally provided using the broadband or a separate Internet Connection.

BSNL to be the first one who launched an IPTV services in India via its newly introduced Bharat Fiber Internet service. BSNL IPTV offers over 300 channels including 150 Free to Air Channels. Primarily these channels are in Malayalam, Tamil, English, and Hindi Languages. Subscribers can use this service on Android Box, Android TV, and Mobile.

The Price to avail BSNL IPTV Service is not revealed yet but expected to get once the two months of trial phase overs. BSNL has partnered with Cinesoft Pvt Ltd and Bhoomika Digital to provide this service. Below I explained I to register online to get BSNL IPTV Service.

How to register online to get BSNL IPTV?

BSNL IPTV Registration Form for the Existing Bharat Fiber Customers
BSNL IPTV Registration Form for the Existing Bharat Fiber Customers

Now, if you are one of those falls in the cities I mentioned above and you have a BSNL Bharat Fiber connection already, then you can follow the steps given below to get the IPTV connection.

First visit this link where to fill up certain details like State, Bharat Fiber Phone Number, Email, IPTV Vendor, and Mobile Number.

As soon as you do fill all the details as asked in the portal, a new connection request will be received by the officials and they soon will contact you on the registered mobile number.

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