Windows 10 1903 May 2019 Update is now available

In order to save storage space and internet bandwidth, the upcoming Windows 10 updates may bring a feature called Archive Apps that recently has been spotted in an Insider Build. A single toggle on and off option that let the user to automatically archive apps that are not frequently used. However, the files and data of the same app would be preserved on the system for the time when the same app would be unarchived again.

Windows 10 to save storage space with Archive Apps feature | Credits: mspoweruser

When you turn on this option, the Windows 10 OS will monitor those apps that are not frequently used, then automatically archive those apps but the data and files of those apps will be preserved in the system. Next time, when we want to use the same app again, the OS connect to the internet to restore the full version of the app.

Apple iOS already have this feature with the name Offload Apps to offload those apps that are not frequently used. Next time, when we try to open an offload app the system connects with Internet to restore the same app.

Archiving apps is great feature seeing the cost of high-end RAMS in system being costlier than the Internet Data. Apple already has invoked this feature in their Operating Systems. Now, it will be interesting to see if Microsoft following the same technique or not.

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