You can now Book your Uber Ride on WhatsApp

Booking a Uber ride has never been so easy as the San Fransico-based mobility company has partnered with WhatsApp.

Yes, we can now book our Uber ride right from our favorite instant messaging app.

There is no need to download the Uber app as now besides ride booking, WhatsApp takes care of the user registration and provides trip receipts as well.

Right now, Uber is giving its service in more than 10,000 cities in the world but has started the WhatsApp ride-booking service first in India.

Lucknow became the first city in India where Uber has started its WhatsApp ride-booking service. As the service is in the pilot phase, it is available only in the English language right now. But, the company has assured to roll it out in several Indian languages soon.

Talking about the partnership, the Senior Director of Uber APAC Business Development, Nandini Maheshwari said, “We want to make more Indians enjoy the Uber ride through the most favorite and comfortable platform i.e. WhatsApp”.

The Head of WhatsApp India, Abhijit Bose said, “WhatsApp Business is the best platform for businesses to build a direct connection with their customer”.

Uber claims they facilitate 14 million rides a week in 2019. WhatsApp Business on the other hand has 15 million users in India as of December 2020. Clashing the audience of both platforms will definitely benefit both companies. On one hand, Uber generates more rides, while, on the other hand, WhatsApp Business will have more user data to sell to the third party.

Let me now tell you, How to book your Uber ride on the world’s favorite instant messaging platform “WhatsApp”.

3 Ways To Book Uber Ride On WhatsApp

Both companies have made the booking process as simple as possible.

Although there are a total of three ways to book a Uber ride on WhatsApp, the simplest one is via Uber’s Business Account Number.

The other two methods are by either scanning the QR code or clicking on a link to access Uber WhatsApp Chat.

After picking up anyone from the three methods, WhatsApp asks users to fill the pickup and drop-off location.

After that, WhatsApp will give the fare information and the driver’s expected time of arrival.

Although riders aren’t using the Uber App, they will get all the necessary facilities listed below. While booking the ride, the user gets the:

  1. Name of the Driver
  2. License Plate of the Driver
  3. Feature to Track Driver’s Location
  4. Feature to anonymously speak with the Driver using a masked number

Features Made Specially for Emergency

During the ride, if a user faces any trouble, they can easily reach for Uber Support by typing Help in the chatbox.

After sending the Help command, select the Emergency option.

As soon as, the user selects the emergency option, the Uber support team will call the user to know their situation.

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