Uber Introduces Uber Lite App in India
Uber Introduces Uber Lite App in India

Uber Introduces Uber Lite App in India which is merely 5MB in Size. The app name is Uber lite. It is the lite version of its official app which is approximately equal to 180MB in size. However, this lite version of Uber app is merely 5MB in size. Uber launch this app only for android users. Talking about its specialty, this app works like a charm in the low-speed internet connectivity. Besides these, the app also packs with some offline features. Moreover, This app looks cool with its minimal design interface. Okay, let’s talk about its features.

Uber Introduces Uber Lite App in India: Some of its Features

  1. This app works through request experience. Means this app works like an interactive app. Not all the features present in it are automatic. Suppose, If your device has the GPS issue then it will pop you to choose from the most used locations.
  2. It even grabs the top pickup locations present in your city even when the app is offline. Therefore, if you choose a top location from your city you don’t even need an internet connection.
  3. This App also notes your visited places offline, therefore, you don’t need to type the place name next time.
  4. Furthermore, Uber introduces this app to help out those people who use the Uber App in low-speed internet connection region.

Talking about its rival OLA, they are already built there the lite version of their app. Let see whether Uber Lite become helpful to the Uber Ridders or not.

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