Snapseed Version 2.19 Comes with Dark Theme Feature
Snapseed Version 2.19 Comes with Dark Theme Feature | Image Grab from App Store

The Google-Powered High Featured Photo Editing tool Snapseed version 2.19 comes with Dark Theme Feature now. Before this Snapseed gives all its user a light user interface design in its previous update earlier. Seems like most of the users doesn’t like it. But now in version 2.19 Snapseed soon comes with a dark theme which might give this app some relief. Moreover, Snapseed is one of the best free photo editing tool in the Apple Store and Play store Market Available right now. Besides these, you got a Big G mark on the Leaf.

Snapseed Version 2.19 Comes with Dark Theme Feature: The Info

Previously Officials roll out the light version of Snapseed but they miss one important feature which is generally available in all the apps nowadays. Dark theme not only reduces the eye strain but it also gives you the ability to focus on Dark Environment. After the introduction of Dark Theme in Snapseed, seems like google will introduce this feature in most of its app. Recently Google introduces the Dark theme on Web and Native app of Youtube also.

Note: Most of You won’t get the Dark theme on Snapseed Right now. As Google rolls out this feature for most of the devices so it takes some time. However, If you find an Update notification for Snapseed laying down in the Play store or App store, then you might be in luck. Update it as fast as you can.

Our Opinion:

In our opinion, Snapseed really has some great features like Image Tunning, Detail Tool, Lots of Filters etc. Besides all these features this Highly featured app is freely available. What do you want more?

Do let us know in the comment section, whether you are using this 6 shades of Greenly leaf app or not. If you are using it then, what are all those features that smooch your mind? Finally, Do you guys support dark theme? How many of you are using it in your day to day life?

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