Instagram Fact Checking Program goes global

Last week, Facebook owned companies that include Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp faced the largest outage in the company’s history. All these three apps were globally down for 6-hours.

While the above popular services were down, some users were confused and moved to Twitter and other social platforms that aren’t owned by Facebook to learn whether the services were actually down or is it some sort of problem with their Internet connection.

To resolve this confusion, in a recent Instagram blog post, the company has said that they are testing a feature that will notify users about outages in the Activity feed. The company also said that they will notify users about any outage when enough users are looking for the answer.

Instagram Outage Notification in Activity Feed
Instagram Outage Notification in Activity Feed

The company is initially testing this feature at a small scale in the US for the next few months. But the feature will be rolled out widely once it makes more sense. Those of you who don’t know let me tell you, Instagram is regularly testing new features to bring on the platform.

Instagram is also bringing a new tool called “Account Status”

Well so far, users report contents that violate Instagram community guidelines using a feature called Support Requests.

Instagram is making the same feature more simple and will call it Account Status.

With Account Status, users can monitor their contents that have been reported for violating community guidelines. Users will also get to know whether their account is at risk of being disabled.

Instagram Account Status Tool
Instagram Account Status Tool

One cool feature that the Account status tool will provide to the user is, It gives users a better idea of how their content is being distributed and recommended on Instagram. This feature will be quite helpful for Instagram marketers.

With the Account status feature, users will appeal to request a review of their content that has been reported for violating community standards.

More details about the outage and account status feature are yet to come. In the meanwhile, subscribe to our blog to get timely information about anything interesting happening in the tech industry right now.

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