Apple Promise to give 70 New Emojis

Apple Promise to give 70 New Emojis by the end of the Year 2018. Today Apple Celebrates the World emoji day by Promising to Give 70 new Emoji this Year. These emojis will integrate into I devices i.e. iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch. Apple officials also say we update all these new emojis with the latest Unicode 11 format.

Apple Promise to give 70 New Emojis: Info

The officials say they will add some new smiley face to make the interaction more effective. Those include the party face, cold face, faces with hearts like that. Moreover, Apple also considers updating the Fruits Vegetable and Animal emoji. So you will see some new animal faces in the Apple’s Device emoji directory. In Animals list soon you will see Parrot, Peacock, Kangaroo, and Lobster. Moreover, In food list you got mangoes now and several others. Cool isn’t it.

So, Emoji is now considered as a better, shorter and fast way of interacting in a conversation. Okay, Do let us know in the comment section below whether you are using the Emoji pad usually in your day to day convo or not. That’s it for now.

You can download all the 70 emojis apple will introduce until the end of this year from the link given below.

Link: Apple 70 New Emoji

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