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In the global pandemic era, to help customers discover products in a smart and contactless way at Local Shops, Amazon Pay launches Smart Stores in India. To convert any physical store into Smart Store, Amazon provides software to maintain a digital log of the items the shop has and helps to sell these items using the QR code.

How does Amazon Pay Smart Store work?

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Suppose a Physical Store converts to Smart Store; then, as soon as customers walk in the store, they can explore products present in the store by scanning it’s QR code using the Amazon Pay QR code scanner. After that, If the customer likes the product, then they can pay for the same using the Amazon Pay.

There are two benefits if a customer chooses to pay using Amazon Pay.

  1. They can get any discounts or offer if available on the product.
  2. They can use Amazon’s Pay Later feature to purchase the product in installments.

Amazon said they steered this project two months ago, and currently, more than 10,000 shops that involve some big retail chains like Big Bazaar, MedPlus using this project.

We believe Amazon thinks diving into the physical stores in India right now, observing many big companies doing the same. Reliance Jio recently has raised $15.2 billion and is damn serious about the Grocery Retail market in India. Google, on the other hand, yesterday has unveiled its plan to grants loans to the merchants in India by the end of this year.

Recognizing all this, it looks like, in India, something big is proceeding about the local retail stores. India has more than 30 million local stores, and a massive part of the country’s economy depends on these stores as they pay taxes on their sales. It will be interesting to see How Amazon turns these local stores to be part of smart stores, as many of them also pay fewer taxes following offline cash transaction mathematics. The other challenging part of this project is How Amazon convinces the consumer to use the Amazon Pay app.

Now, this is not the first time Amazon enters the neighborhood stores in India. If you remember back in April this year, Amazon thrust the Local Shops on Amazon to encourage users to discover products from their neighborhood shops on the Amazon app.

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