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Bharti Airtel, which is one of the leading telecom providers in India, has expanded its WiFi calling facility to 8 more circles that now counts to a total of 14. Back in December last year, Bharti Airtel launched the VoWiFi service but back then it was available only in Delhi-NCR circle. A few days later after the launch, the company extended the same service to 5 more circles called Mumbai, Kolkata, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

Now, Bharti Airtel has expanded its VoWiFi service to 8 more circles called Gujarat, Kerala, Maharastra, UP(East), UP (West), Punjab, Haryana, and Madhya Pradesh.

Circles Where Airtel WiFi Calling Service is available

A total of 40 Smartphones are now supporting Airtel VoWiFi service

The company has not just expanded its VoWiFi service to more circles but also expanded the list of handsets capable of supporting Airtel VoWiFi service.

We already cover the list of handsets supporting Airtel WiFi calling in one of our earlier posts. I think you should read that one too.

Airtel VoWiFi Service and its Competitor in Indian Industry

In India, if you talk about VoWiFi service then, till now three companies are providing the same service. The first one is the Government of India led BSNL, and their VoWiFi service name is BSNL Wings, The second one is Airtel, and the third one is India’s largest mobile carrier company “Reliance Jio“.

If we look at the VoWiFi service all these three companies are providing, they are different from each other. For example, BSNL VoWiFi service requires a separate app to operate. Airtel VoWiFi only works with Airtel Broadband.

Now, coming to Reliance Jio, if you ask me they have launched the ideal version of VoWiFi service. It doesn’t require a separate app to operate and also it works with any broadband service provider. Although the company launches the service in last in the row but with the best possible configuration.

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