Airtel 360 Plan
Airtel 360 Plan

Airtel 360 Day Plan

Airtel has once again raised its gear to compete with Jio. The Telecom Company was still offering an 84GB monthly data plan, but this time the company played a bigger stake. Airtel has launched an Airtel 360 plan for its pre-paid customers this time. So without wasting any time let’s go for it.

First of all, let me tell you that this Airtel 360 plan is for Airtel prepaid customers. Under this plan, Airtel gives you 300 GB of high-speed data 4G Data plus 100 messages per day plus unlimited calling on all the available mobile networks. Apart from this, outgoing calls will be free in roaming too. The validity of this plan is 360 days.

The customers have to pay Rs 3,999 for the Airtel’s 360 plan. The good thing about this plan is there is no limit of data usage per day. From another aspect, it can prove to be dangerous for you, if you do not monitor your data usage.

Airtel 3.5GB Per Day Plan

Airtel also have a 3.5GB Plan per day, let us give us an opportunity to tell you about this plan. In addition to 300GB data, Airtel also introduced a monthly plan, which will get you 3.5 GB data per day with unlimited calling. The cost of this plan is Rs 799 and its validity is 28 days.

Airtel 2.5GB Per Day Plan

The company has another plan that will get you 2.5 GB data every day. In Unlimited Calling is also given. The price of this plan is 549 rupees and validity is 28 days.

Airtel 1.5GB Per Day Plan Vs Airtel 360 Plan

In addition to 349 rupees in the first place where there was 1 GB data per day, now 1.5 GB is now available every day. Its validity is 28 days. There will also be unlimited calling on all networks for 28 days in this plan.

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