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Facebook has given us different ways to engage with a post. For example, you could like or react to a post, comment on a post, and share a post. Before May 2017, we only have the option to Like a post. I mean, there are no reactions beside Like. However, Facebook expanded the Like option by providing 5 emoji styled reactions called Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, and Angry.

Now, Facebook has expanded the Share option by providing more suboptions inside it. More precisely, You can now share a Facebook post in 8 different ways. For example, you can now share a Facebook post directly to your WhatsApp contact or story, In a Facebook Group, On your Friend’s Timeline, and more.

Earlier, you able to directly share a Facebook post on your timeline on a Facebook Group or page. However, now, there are more options.

Here is a list of all suboptions now present inside the Facebook Share option.

  1. Share Now (Custom): If you have selected a custom audience who can see your Facebook post, this option is perfect while you are sharing a post to your custom audience only.
  2. Share: This option helps you to choose your audience again when you click on it. For example, once you click on Share, you get different options like Share on your timeline, Share on a friend’s timeline, Share in a group or event, and more.
  3. Share to your story now (Friends): As the name suggests, This option helps you to share a post on your Facebook Story that is visible only to your Facebook Friends.
  4. Share to your story: Again, this option helps you to share a post on your Facebook story, but this time, you could choose a custom audience. From the custom audience, I mean your selected Facebook friends.
  5. Send as Message: As the name suggests, this option helps you share a post in a message.
  6. Share in a Group: Best when you want to share a post in a group.
  7. Share on a Friend’s Timeline: This is one of the new suboptions that sits inside the Share option.
  8. Share to a page: If you want to share a post on a Facebook page, this option suited best.

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