World's First 5G PC
World's First 5G PC by Qualcomm and Lenovo

At Computex 2019, Qualcomm unveils World’s First 5G PC in collaboration with Lenovo. They call it Project Limitless. Lenovo to complete the other hardware framework while Qualcomm to give the Snapdragon 8cX compute module. Do not that Snapdragon 8cX 5G is the world’s first 7nm PC Platform. Moreover, it is also the World’s first processor for PC giving 5G connectivity.

Snapdragon 8cX compute module supports Snapdragon X55 5G modem that will give you multigigabit of 4G LTE connectivity. Therefore, the laptop will not just sport only the 5G connectivity but also the 4G one.

It’s performance will also lead you to the peak because the 8cX module have Qualcomm Adreno 680 GPU. Moreover, the fastest Snapdragon CPU is also packs in it which is Qualcomm Kryo 495 CPU. So, you can expect several days of battery backup whereas killer performance.

For lower network connection Qualcomm also attaches X24 LTE modem in it. Therefore, you could fetch at least 2 Gbps speed via LTE even in lower network connection. From lower network connection, I mean LTE.

About this project, Qualcomm explain right now they are working on it and soon it will available for public.

This is not the first time Qualcomm introduces it’s Snapdragon 8cX 5G processor. Those of you who don’t know, Qualcomm rolls out this processor back in Hawaii Summit last year in December.

We can expect the commercial roll out of this processor and the latptop at the end of Year 2019. However, its launch date in India is far from Known right now.

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