Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx
Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx | Image Credit: Qualcomm

Last Year at Computex, we see how Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor shows its capability to run a full desktop version of Windows 10 on mobile devices. Its been one year and now Qualcomm achieves the same capability over 7nm chip, and this time you can assemble this chip along with Desktop, Notebook, and Tablet hardwares. On the third day of Qualcomm Tech summit event, Qualcomm introduces the Snapdragon 8cx processor. On this processor you can run Windows 10 enterprise version. In the same tech summit Qualcomm also introduces Snapdragon 855.

What makes this processor a great choice is its powerful performance and long lasting battery life. This processor is also suitable for fan less laptops. Talking about the processor in detail, you will find a brand new Graphics processor inside it. This one is Adreno 680 Extreme. Adreno 680 extreme is way more faster and power efficient than its ancestor Adreno GPU. Adreno 680 uses the double memory interface that is 64-128bit wide.

The processor also has an inbuilt Octa Core Kryo 495 CPU with a cache size of 10MB. Qualcomm guys are working on Chromium to natively implement it in the ARM. This one leads to open Chrome Quickly and also get enhanced performance.

We have not done yet, What makes Qualcomm 8cx favourable over Intel processors is its inbuilt Snapdragon x24 LTE modem. This makes this processor a futuristic device as 5G soon come up in upcoming years.

It also supports Quick Charge 4+ via which quick charge is a cake walk for it. However, you won’t find Type-C Port compatibility with this process because the processor integreates 2nd gen USB 3.1 to give support to more devices. But don’t try to measure its power, It supports the playback of two 4K HDR monitor simultaneously.

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