OnePlus 5G Phone Could Come Under $1000
OnePlus 5G Phone Could Come Under $1000

After hearing about Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau reveals, they are going to be the first one who uses 855 Processor in one of their Flagship models. However, we came to know to know about the first detail of that flagship model. We came to know the expected price of the upcoming flagship model of OnePlus which powers up Snapdragon 855.

In an interview with the Verge, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau says they are working on OnePlus 7, but the device is 4G compatible. Moreover, they are working on a 5G phone too that cost users $200 to $300 extra that its premium segments. So, you are smart enough to deduce yourself the cost of Upcoming OnePlus 5G Phone.

Right now, the OnePlus premium smartphone is OnePlus 6T, and it cost around $549. Adding $20 to $30 makes the price of the upcoming OnePlus premium segment OnePlus 7. So Finally, when we add $200 to $300 extra, we came to know OnePlus 5G Phone could come under $1000.

Besides partnering with Qualcomm, OnePlus also need a 5G network partner. Hence, the company also partner with the leading UK network provider EE.

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