Web Authentication is now an Official Web Standard
Web Authentication is now an Official Web Standard

World Wide Web Consortium and FIDO Alliance finally approves that Web Authentication is now an official web standard. It means now you can login to your web accounts without remembering and typing a hectic password. Well, you can do so via different passwordless environment. Some of them are Biometric Authentication, Authentication via Familiar Devices, FIDO security keys and more.

I know this approach is not that secure as feeding up your password. Therefore, Authentication via feeding the password option is also not removed and i think will be. Devices like Windows 10, Android, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari already support Web Authentication feature, however, only waiting for W3C green signal.

Web Authentication is now an Official Web Standard: W3C and FIDO alliance Confirms

Well, now the feature is finally an official web standard, app developers can also integrate the feature in there apps. W3C explains a normal web user spend a total of 10.9 hours a year resetting passwords. Moreover, companies also face some sort of data as well as time loss while users resetting a password. Not Just that most of the users aren’t setting a secure password resulting in data breaches. Therefore, this new approach will fill some context in these scenarios.

If you ask me which is the most secure way of login to a web account right now, my vote is ON for FIDO Security keys. Well the reasons are simple, the server not store your password or login credentials. You can only login to an account when you insert FIDO Security Key USB in one of your device’s USB Port.

This is all about Web Authentication being an official web standard. To utilize this feature more commonly on popular websites on the web, you have to wait for a while. Till the web admin not implement this feature on the backend. If you have any question or doubt leave it behind in the comment section down below.

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