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Titan Security Key | Image Credits: Google

This article explains about Titan Security Key. So, if you eager to know what it is and how does it work, then this article is for you. According to Verizon 2018 data breach report, most accounts compromise over that web is due to Phishing, Stolen Passwords and Pretexting. Moreover, to overcome the problem officials install new techniques on the web like Two-step verification but it also fails even in a negligible percentage but it does. So, they want to evolve this measurement to a next level. Finally, they bring 2FA i.e. Two Factor authentication. Moreover, one such standard that depends on 2FA is FIDO. Even Google officials think that this standard is right now the most secure standard to stop the problems I mentioned above.

What is Titan Security Key and How does it work? (Explain)

Titan Security Keys is a pair of hardware one Bluetooth and one USB that depends on FIDO Standard. FIDO Stands for Fast Identity Online and is a Protocol that gives us Stronger Authentication method. When a user registers for an online service via his/her device, it generates two pairs of keys. The first one is the private key and the second one is the public key. The Online service stores the public key, however, the private key is secretly kept in the user’s device. So, now when a user wants to sign in to that online service, he/she have to enter both of these keys.

Credits: https://fidoalliance.org

I forgot to mention that Private keys are encrypted in the user device in the form of anything like User fingerprint, Some 6 or 4 digit code, or via some device. In FIDO protocol user also have the option to sign in to web services locally only via their device. It means that one can’t sign in to the web services on other devices even if they have both keys present in their hand. Do note that Titan Security Keys are designed by Google Engineers.

So, here Titan Security keys fall under the category of the private key which is necessary when you sign in to some web services. Moreover, Titan Security key falls under the category of 2FA but it is more secure than the general 2FA methods. Here, for private key authentication, you don’t have to depend on your telecom provider because you get a device locally.

Who can use the Titan Security Keys?

Google Officials have made available the Titan Security keys on Google Store. According to Google Officials, high-value users must use these pair of Security Keys. From High-Value users here we refer, IT Administrators, Journalists, Business Leader, Political Personnel etc.

What are also the services that support Titan Security Keys?

All the services over the web that supports the FIDO standard are also supporting Titan Security Key. Right Now, Most popular operating system and Browser supports FIDO standard and these Operating Systems include Android and Chrome OS. However, talking about Browser Chrome also supports the FIDO standard. So, with Titan Security Keys you can authenticate some of the popular services like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Stripe, Dropbox, GitHub etc. You can authenticate these services because they also support FIDO Standard.

Okay, let’s talk about the hardware, Titan security keys are a pair of two devices, one USB, and one Bluetooth. Right now, these two devices are available for US users only via Google Store. However, sooner it will available for other regions as well.

How to use Titan Security Key?

To Use Titan Security key sign in to your Google My Account.

Then, Go to the Two Step verification page.

See a detailed answer of how to use Titan Security Key on https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/6103523.

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