VLC app again accessible to Huawei Smart Phone
VLC app again accessible to Huawei Smart Phone

VLC App Again Accessible to Huawei Smart Phone from Google Play Store. Back in July last year, VLC blacklist Huawei phones to access their Android App. Seems like VLC quietly lift the ban from Huawei phones and now Huawei users can again download the install this app from Google Play Store. Last year, VLC reports that Huawei killing their Background app and give weightage to their own app. This will break VLC audio background playback. Therefore, VLC team decide to put ban on Huawei phones to access their app.

Recently, we all see Huawei P30 Pro and Mate 20 that give serious headache to its rival. Moreover, last year we see how Huawei Smartphone shipment Increase. Now, with Huawei P30 Pro and Mate 20 series this data will grow further. Therefore, It seems like VLC doesn’t want to lose these huge number of users. So, it un-blacklist all the Huawei phones to again access this app.

Nothing from VLC as well as Huawei side has made any comment about this. We came to know about when some P20 user report to Android Police saying they gain access to VLC media player again.

We have contacted to Huawei and VLC both about this topic. When we get any reply we further comment here. For that time, If you have a Huawei Smartphone check whether VLC app is accessible to you. If not let us know in the comment section below with the name of your Handset.

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