Why VLC Blacklists Huawei Devices on Google Play Store
Why VLC Blacklists Huawei Devices on Google Play Store

This article explains Why VLC Blacklists Huawei Devices on Google Play Store? VLC is one of the most popular Videos and Audio Playback App. It is popular on both the desktop as well as in the Mobile Platforms. Presently, The reason for its popularity is its huge bunch of features that are not given by any other application. Nowadays some VLC users are facing problem due to certain policies of Device makers. In fact, A new controversy occurs between VideoLAN and Huawei when a french user tweet about the Dictatorial policy of Huawei devices.

According to the User, the device limits the background usage of VLC App, which results in blocking the audio in Background. Most of the audio and Video Apps are greatly dependent on the Background playback facility. So, if a device manufacturer blocks that facility it will drastically degrade the usage of those Audio and Video Apps.

Moreover, Several users also post negative reviews about the company in past. That’s the reason Why VLC blacklists Huawei Devices on Google Play Store. However, VLC Clears that, VLC Blacklists Huawei Devices but the most recent one.

Moreover, In response to this issue, Huawei officials have not given any statement yet. So, if have already buy a recent Huawei device, then you have to switch to some other Video and Audio apps. This is because for you VLC is not available on the Play store.

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