John McAfee Presents $100000 Bounty offer to Hack Bitfi Wallet
John McAfee Presents $100000 Bounty offer to Hack Bitfi Wallet | Credits:

John McAfee Presents $100000 Bounty offer to Hack Bitfi Wallet. According to John MacAfee, It is the world’s first un-hackable storage for cryptocurrency & digital files. John David McAfee is the founder of one of the most popular antivirus program i.e. McAfee. Founding the company in 1987 and ran it till 1984, John spikes the Company to a new extent.

John McAfee Presents $100000 Bounty Offer to Hack Bitfi Wallet: Source

Now, a brand new notification pops up from BitFi (which is another venture of McAfee) when John posts a tweet. We can’t compare it as a normal tweet as it contains a $100000 bounty. Moreover, one can grab this bounty if they hack the BitFi Hardware Wallet.

Those of you who don’t know about BitFi Hardware wallet, it is a device where you can store cryptocurrency and your digital assets. Moreover, It is not just secure, it is also easy to use, the company says. BitFi developers say it is un-hackable because the private key which is used to secure the storage of cryptocurrencies, we do not store it anywhere. That’s why if a user lost the BitFi device one can not extract the private key from it.

Now, Talking about the BiFi Bounty, the company gives the bounty to those who penetrate the wallet. In the BitFi Bounty Program rule, the company says those who want to enrol have to purchase the BiFi wallet first. However, the company specifies that they take this charge to capture only serious users. When you purchase the wallet the company provides you coins worth $50 which you have to penetrate. If you got success in the task then, the company gives you the Bounty offer. Moreover, to know all the rules, regulations and procedure about the Bounty Program you can visit BitFi Bounty.

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