Twitter Now Count Every Emoji Equally
Twitter Now Count Every Emoji Equally

Twitter Now Count Every emoji equally. This happens after the Twitter counts Gender and other skin tone emoji as more number of characters than other emojis. Currently, as we all know there is a total limit of 280 characters to present a tweet. In this 280 character, till now if anyone posts a Gender or other Skin Tone emoji the platform counts its character more than other emoji.

This is not what a user ask Twitter for, because we want every emoji to count as a single character. Moreover, if an emoji count as more than one character it is the limitation of the Platform. But don’t worry one of the twitter official updates in twitter developer forum that this limitation is no more lying on Twitter. The official mention they take more character count for Gender and other skin tone emoji. This is because they encode these emoji that way. However, with the recent update of Unicode, Twitter overcomes with this limitation.

Recently, as we all know to improve the Twitter Timeline which was quite messy while sorting randomly, Twitter introduces chronological sorting. Moreover, this new update to Twitter emoji count will make every character counts equally. Looking closing you could see this new update comes exactly after a year when Twitter extends 140 characters to 280.

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