New E-KYC Process for SIM Registration
New E-KYC Process for SIM Registration

Telecom operators introduce new E-KYC Process for SIM Registration. As we all know, the Supreme court of India makes Aadhaar a non-mandatory document for SIM registration. The apex also tells all the Indian Telecom operators to delete all their consumers Aadhaar data. Therefore, Telecom providers have to find an alternate way of Customer’s identity validation. Till now, TP uses Aadhaar, which is the shortest way to validating a customer identity. But this option is now under the desk. So, TP uses a new E-KYC process for SIM Registration. Let see how it will work.

New E-KYC Process for SIM Registration

To make this new E-KYC process legal Telecom providers reach DOT (Department of Telecommunication) for its verification. In the new E-KYC process, Telecom Providers introduces a Consumer Application Form (i.e. CAF). Don’t worry this form is totally digital to also promote the paperless environment in India. Till now, we know there is an App that is given to the SIM sellers. Using this App SIM seller take a Photograph of Customer. Moreover, the customer also has to give a self-attested Address and Identity proof. Finally, the SIM seller fill out all these data into the App.

Moreover, Besides these three things, one more thing a customer will provide is an Alternate number. This alternate number Telecom Provider takes to send a 5 Digit pin. TSP says this PIN acts as customer’s signature. Once a customer completes this last step, the SIM he/she purchase will activate.

We don’t know from when this new process will take its step on the Ground. However, this is sure the new way of validating a customer identity who wants to purchase a new sim.

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