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In a tweet posted yesterday, Twitter reveals they are experimenting on to bring the Tweet Scheduling Feature. Those of you who are managing their Twitter account via TweetDeck must know about the feature as it is one such feature because people love TweetDeck. People who don’t know What TweetDeck is, let me tell you that it is an application for managing a Twitter account. As I explained above, TweetDeck owns some of the coolest features to interact with your Twitter account, and of course, those features are not part of Twitter.

In the same tweet, Twitter also revealed they are bringing this feature by taking an idea from TweetDeck. TweetDeck, which was earlier an independent authority, Twitter acquired them for $40 million back in the year 2011.

I also like to schedule a post on any platform as it not just helps me to manage my post better but also helps me to manage my time better.

How is Tweet Scheduling Going to Work on Twitter?

Well, Scheduling a Tweet is super easy as all you have to type your Tweet then tap on the overflow menu as I show you in the screenshot below.

The overflow menu contains the Tweet Scheduling option; clicking on it reveals the Date and Time selection menu. Then you could select the Date and Time as per your need to schedule a Tweet.

One thing you must remember that right now, this feature is experimental; therefore, some chosen users able to see the Tweet Scheduling option.

Right now, If you didn’t see the option don’t worry because if it became the part of the regular version of Twitter, it became available for all.

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