Remove Password From PDF Document Using Chrome
Remove Password From PDF Document Using Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the best browsers I have known until now. I’m using it from 2011, and from then, the browser is evolving and brings a lot of useful features. Here I talk about one such feature in Chrome that helps you to remove the Password (specifically Document Open Password) from a Password protected PDF document.

Adobe Acrobat (a software to view, create, edit, and print Portable Document Format abbreviated as PDF) has a feature to secure a PDF document using two types of Password. The first one is called Document Open Password, and the second one is the Permissions Password.

Document Open Password restricts a PDF Document from being open. However, Permissions Password restricts a PDF document from being print, edit, and even copying content.

So, Here I only talk about How you can break Document Open Password (via Chrome) that is set on a PDF file? So, without further delay, let’s start.

How to Break Document Open Password of a PDF File using Chrome?

First, you need the PDF File that is protected via Document Open Password.

Now, open that file by drag and drop that file on the Chrome Browser.

One done, the file doesn’t open and asks you to enter the Document Open Password. Feed the Password to open the file. Now the file is open, but it is still protected with the Password. That means if you open the file again, it asks you to enter the Password.

Now, To remove the password protection, all you have to do is print that password-protected file (once you open it). You can print the file by using the Ctrl+P shortcut or by opening the menu by clicking the right button of your mouse.

Printing the file gives you a prompt where you have to choose the Save as PDF option from the destination menu.

Now, Click on the save button to save the file at your desired location.

Once your file saved, open it, and it doesn’t ask you to enter the Password.

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