Twitter Starts Deleting Inactive Accounts
Twitter Starts Deleting Inactive Accounts

Yes, You heard it right, One of the spokespeople from Twitter told the Verge that they are going to permanently delete accounts that are inactive for at least 6 months. The inactive account deletion process starts from December 11. Also, if you read Twitter Inactive account policy, there it is mention they could delete an account permanently if they find prolonged inactivity.

Now, Coming to the term inactivity What does it mean? Well, Twitter says they calculate inactivity in terms of login to the account. That means if you haven’t logged in to your Twitter account in 6 months, then they treat your account as inactive.

Also, Twitter says they are not going to delete an inactive account without informing the user. Twitter starts sending warning emails to the inactive account holders. They warn them by saying, “Don’t lose access to your @username. Just log in to your account and follow the instructions.

Its not necessary to tweet anything to make their inactive accounts active. They only have to log in to their account and follow Twitter Instructions.

In my opinion, Twitter starts deleting Inactive Accounts to free up usernames that are unique but of no use. However, right now, we don’t know when these usernames became available, but the account deletion process starts this December. So, if you haven’t logged in to your Twitter account in 6 months, I suggest you log in if you don’t want to lose access to your Twitter username.

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