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Back in 2018, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Twitter comes forward to collaboratively create a Data Transfer Project. The aim of this project is to provide the users of these platforms a simple way to move data in between these platforms. Google says, with Data Transfer Project, if a user want to move his data from one platform to another, he won’t have to first download it and then re-upload it to the moving platform. In that case all burden (that means downloading and uploading) comes on the shoulder of a user. Instead, this project sports some kind of native option on these platforms to quickly move data between one another without provoking the user to download the data on their machine.

Following the same league, Back in April this year, Facebook launches the Photo transfer tool. But back then, the availability of this tool was limited only to the US and Canada users. However, Yesterday, Facebook announced the availability of this tool is now global and anyone using Facebook can now avail it. In this article, I am going to explain you How you can avail this tool on Facebook to transfer a copy of your Facebook Photos or Videos to Google Photos.

How to transfer a copy of your Facebook Photos or Videos to Google Photos?

To access Facebook Photo Transfer tool you can either directly visit this link or access the same tool from Settings > Your Facebook Information section as I show you in the screenshot below.

As shown in the above screenshot, once you click on the view option, Facebook Photo or Video Transfer tool opens in front of you. Now, here you have to first choose your destination that right now is only Google Photos (may be in coming days you find services from Microsoft and Twitter).

Once you choose your destination, Facebook Prompts you to choose whether you want to transfer all your Facebook Photos or Videos. Choose the option you like and then, you have to give Google Photos the permission to access your Facebook Photo or Video library as shown in the screenshots below. Once you complete all the steps accordingly as shown in the screenshots below, lastly you will see your Facebook photos or video being transferred to Google Photos.

Do note that the transfer process may take some time (even a few hour or a day) to complete. So, you have to wait for a while. Once the transfer process completes, you get a notification about the same on your Facebook account as well as on your registered email.

So, this is how you can transfer a copy of your Facebook photos or videos to Google Photos without downloading them to your machine.

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