Facebook Photo Transfer Tool
Facebook Photo Transfer Tool

Today, In a Facebook Newsroom post, Facebook Team revealed they had developed a tool that can transfer Facebook Photos and Videos to Google Drive. Facebook calls this tool the Photo Transfer Tool and explained they able to develop this tool by participating in an open-source Data Transfer Project. Data Transfer Project is a collaboration of different organizations to build open-source projects that helps to connect any two online services. Participators of the Data Transfer Project include giant companies like Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Twitter.

Although, Facebook launches this Photo Transfer tool but right now, it is only available for Ireland users. However, Facebook assured the global rollout completes till mid-2020.

For now, users can transfer photos and videos (which they have uploaded on Facebook) only to Google Drive. However, in the coming days, we expect more services like One Drive, Dropbox, Amazon Drive, to integrate with this tool.

One can think of this tool as a backup method for their Facebook photos on different Cloud Storage Services. Facebook says, earlier, we give people the accessibility to download their Facebook Information. Now, at the same place that is in the Settings > Your Information section, one can also access this tool. However, you could directly access the Facebook Photo Transfer Tool by visiting this link. If you live in Ireland, you able to access it; otherwise, you have to wait for a little.

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