Google Messages App Adds Verified SMS Feature
Google Messages App Adds Verified SMS Feature

In the latest beta version numbered 5.3.075, Google Messages App adds Verified SMS feature. The feature helps user to detect fake businesses and filter SMS received from Verified Businesses. To turn on this feature, you won’t have to do anything as it is enabled by default. However, In case you want to locate it, it is present in Google Messages App settings section.

Commenting further on the feature, Google introduces it to help a normal user to spot fake businesses. Sometimes intruders sends you a message in which they ask you to disclose some private information. On the other time they may send you a sensitive link (for Phishing purpose). To block these kind of attempt Google brings this feature.

Now let’s see How this feature works.

How Google Messages App Verified Feature Works?

First and foremost, Google asks all the businesses (sending bulk SMS) to register for Verified Feature. Now, Messages sent by Verified businesses displays the Verified mark that is not present in the message sent by unverified business.

Coming to How this feature works? Well, Once a business composes a message to send, it generates a public key and a private key as well. Now, with the help of public key and private key, the sender creates an unreadable authenticity code. Now, Once the sender sends the message it also sends the authenticity code to both the user and the Google server. The next part is Google Messages match both of these authenticity codes to spot the difference. Then, accordingly indicates the user whether the business is verified or not.

One thing worth to mention here is, this feature requires an active internet connection to work. For example, In weak internet connection it displays Verifying Sender…, however, In an inactive internet connection, it displays Messages could not be Verified.

Also, Google says that during all this verification process, Google doesn’t access the message content.

Athough this feature is in beta right now, but this page indicates soon it lands in the regular version too.

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