7 Messaging Apps by Google
7 Messaging Apps by Google

In this article, I am going to provide you a detailed analysis and overview of the 7 Messaging Apps by Google. The First messaging App that Google launch is Google Talk back in 2005. We all think that Google’s all messaging apps have similar features. Moreover, Google creates these messaging app by minor tweaks between them. If we think so then we are wrong. According to Google, it has made every messaging App for a purpose.

Suppose, you want to place a Voice call, then, you can do this task with any of these Google’s services i.e. Google Voice, Google Duo or Hangout. But for the voice call which service fits best for you and why that is the question you have to ask about. Why is one service better from another?

Google Talk was the first app which is used for messaging and created by Google. Initially, people find this app when they open there Gmail Account. At that time Google Talk was the best reference for chat source. However, later Google want to drop the Google Talk service and creates two new services i.e Google Hangouts and Google Huddle. Moreover, Google Again shuts down the Google Huddle App. Thinking that Google Hangout has all the capability of Text messaging, chatting, voice and video calls etc. But due to insufficient support by Google. The officials break this app apart and busy creating separate apps for separate services. Now let’s talk about all those 7 Messaging Apps by Google.

List of 7 Messaging Apps by Google which is Present Right Now

1. Gmail

One of the oldest service by Google. However, those of you who think how they can use Gmail as a Messaging service then let me tell you Hangout is still present in Gmail. You can use Google Hangouts for instant messaging. One another service that works under Gmail is Google Voice. Moreover, in our opinion, Gmail service is best fit for email receiving and sending task.

2. Inbox by Gmail

People use Inbox as an alternative to Gmail. Moreover, some of you are curious to know how Inbox is different from Gmail. Let me tell you that Inbox is under control of Google AI Program. For Inbox service to use you one doesn’t have to create an account, as Inbox uses the person’s existing email. You can think of Inbox as a compact version of Gmail but here your things are better organized as all the groundwork has been done by AI.

3. Google Allo

Google breaks its Hangout service into two parts i.e Google Allo and Google Duo. Allo is dedicated to all the static kind of services like instant messaging and all that. Google Allo gives you the best instant messaging experience as Google assistant works along with it. Moreover, if you think you can use Allo as your SMS or MMS Client then you can’t do so. Hectic isn’t it, instant messaging using one app and if want to send a text message you have to switch over to your default SMS App. However, Google Allo rocket off in the future Google is working on Google Chat. Let’s see what will happen.

4. Google Duo

Google sacrifice the Hangout also to create this dedicated Video Chat service. Initially, it takes care of video calling only, but now it supports audio calling too. Doesn’t dig into detail I just have to say that this app is Best for Video Calling. Moreover, In this app, the hectic thing is the person you call also have this app installed on their device.

5. Google Hangouts

Let’s talk about Hangouts now, Google Creates the Hangout App to give competition to other challenging services out there in the market like Facebook, WhatsApp etc. Hangout performs all the three tasks in combine which Google Duo or Allo won’t perform alone. Those three tasks are Instant Messaging, Audio Calls, and Video Calls. However, still, you can’t use hangout as an SMS or MMS Client. Moreover, Its all up to you to use Separate apps to perform the above three tasks to get a personalized experience or not. Hangout Performs all the three tasks greatly.

6. Android Messages (Now Called Google Messages)

Here Google comes with an App which you can use as your default SMS and MMS client. According to experts, android messages in future support RCS messaging also, a feature required for instant messaging. Moreover, In our opinion, Right now Android Messages is a great service to use it as an SMS and MMS Client.

7. Google Voice

Using this service you can perform Voice calls, Sends SMS, Send MMS and Listen to your Voice. However, In our opinion, this service is the best fit for Voice Calls. You can register in Google Voice using your phone number to access voice calls for free.

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