WhatsApp Predicted Uploads Feature
WhatsApp Predicted Uploads Feature

Do you know that the upcoming WhatsApp Predicted Uploads Feature Transfers your Image Faster? According to an Info revealed by WABetaInfo, Soon WhatsApp comes with a feature by which you can upload images faster on WhatsApp. WhatsApp has given the name Predicted Upload to this feature. Let me first describe you how this feature works and what is its importance.

How WhatsApp Predicted Uploads Feature Transfers your Image Faster?

First of all, let me tell you the Predicted Upload Feature is an AI controlled feature. When you are in conversation with someone then, according to your conversation, the AI automatically list all the photos which co-relates with your conversation. Then, the AI upload those images to the WhatsApp Server. Finally, if Between the conversation, you send any of the Photos that AI list out already, It transfers instantly.

Presently, if you want to send a file via WhatsApp and you send it. Then, it first goes to the WhatsApp server then it transfers to the recipient. But Due to the Predicted Upload Feature, one step falls down from the list.

Moreover, One more thing about this feature is if you edit any of the photos by doesn’t automatically sending it. Then, the transfer process works like as it is earlier.

In which version of WhatsApp this Feature is Present?

For iOS You will find this feature on WhatsApp Version 2.18.61. Moreover, for Android, it is present in the 2.18.156 version update.

How to know this feature is working your Handset?

If you transfer a photo during a conversation and you won’t find any lag transferring them, then this feature already injects into your app. However, the best way to analyze is sending 2-4 photos simultaneously. This will make sure your too good internet connection won’t bitching you.

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