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Ever now or then, you may have asked this question to yourself – Can we like a message in Telegram, just like we do for a Facebook post or a tweet on Twitter.

Well, the feature here we are talking about is called Reactions.

Similar to the idea of reaction on posts and tweets, the concept of reacting to a message has been popped recently.

First, we saw this feature on Instagram which was later introduced to Messenger as well. Both of these platforms support messages.

However, none of the instant messaging apps (except Telegram) has so far introduced the reactions feature in its stable version.

With its new update, Telegram became the first instant messaging app to introduce the Message Reactions feature.

Meta-owned “WhatsApp” is testing this feature in its beta version for the past few weeks but hasn’t added it so far in its stable version.

With message reactions, users can now react to a message on Telegram via emojis.

Reactions is a pretty unique feature as it helps users to quickly express their feeling about a message via interactive emojis.

How to use Telegram’s Message Reactions Feature?

Telegram Message Reactions Feature
Telegram Message Reactions Feature | Credits:

If you want to send a quick reaction, then, double-tap a message to send a thumbs-up 👍 reaction.

With a single tap, you can unlock options to send several other reactions.

By default, Telegram offers reactions to messages with these emojis – 👎, 🔥, 😱, 🎉, 😁.

However, we can change these emojis (to add our favorite emojis) from the Settings > Quick Reaction (in Android) and Stickers and Emojis > Quick Reaction (in iOS).

In Private chats, message reactions are ON by default. However, In groups and channels, the admin will decide whether to turn it on and choose which emojis to available in the chat.

Controlling Message Reactions in Telegram Groups
Controlling Message Reactions in Telegram | Credits:

Deciding which emojis to be available in message reactions in groups is the best feature as it allows the group admin to control reactions to certain emojis. For example, a group admin might only allow two emojis in the message reaction, say, upvote 👍 and downvote 👎.

Reactions with Unique Animations

What makes this feature so cool is, when you react to a message with an emoji, it appears with its unique animation.

Note: Telegram also has animated stickers.

Similar to Instagram, we can react to a message in Telegram via emojis with full-screen effects.

A user simply has to tap on (single tap) the reacted emoji to unleash the full-screen effect.

This new feature is now a part of Telegram 8.4 which is the 12th update of the app this year.

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