Telegram Animated Sticker
Credits: Telegram

Popular Instant Messaging App, Telegram Today Introduces a new feature that can improve your experience more on Telegram. From today on, you can send Animated Stickers on Telegram.

Back in 2015, Telegram launched regular stickers. Now, many of you might be thinking what’s the primary difference between a normal and an animated sticker. Well, the primary difference between a normal and an animated sticker is, the former one is static whereas the later one is dynamic (i.e., it can move).

Now, Let’s talk about the specification of Telegram’s Animated Sticker, which is quite challenging to achieve.

While building a sticker, there are some tasks which are most challenging to achieve. For example, we always what to build a high-quality photo in a small size as possible. In Animated Stickers, Telegram Developers somehow created a new image format called .TGS that takes around 20-30 KB space to form a sticker. Telegram engineers say this new format is going to set a new standard for stickers in the digital industry.

I think .TGS means Telegram GIF Stickers.

If you compare the size of Telegram Animated Stickers, they are 6 times smaller than an average photo.

Telegram engineers also able to show these stickers in 60 frames per second. .TGS stickers also consume less battery in comparison with GIF.

So, this is all about the brand new TGS sticker. Now, let’s talk about how you can access it.

Telegram reveals the fastest way to access a TGS sticker is typing an emoji in the text field and Telegram automatically suggest you the relevant stickers.

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